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Dickson is a suburb in the Inner North of Canberra, Australia. It is named after Sir James Dickson (1832-1901) who was a Queensland advocate of Australian Federation and one of the founders of the Australian Constitution. There is no specific theme for street names.

The population count of Dickson on census night 2016 was 2,149 people.

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Most Recent 15 Dickson Development Applications

The latest public Environment and Planning Directorate – Planning notifications can also be accessed from their site. The following is an extract of the public applications selected by NCCC that principally relate to Dickson or have an impact on North Canberra or its residents; the extract may not be complete and does not contain development applications that are not publicly notified.

Address: 1 Moncrieff Street, Dickson, ACT

Development Application: 202442923

Desecription: PLANNING ACT 2023 - PROPOSAL FOR MULTI UNIT DEVELOPMENT AND LEASE VARIATION - demolition of the existing dwelling and the construction of 3 new three storey dwellings, basement parking, tree removal, landscaping and associated works. Lease Variation to permit three dwellings.
Comment closure date: 2024-06-20

Address: 110 Cowper Street, Dickson, ACT

Development Application: 202442980

Desecription: PLANNING ACT 2023 - PROPOSAL FOR ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS, SECONDARY RESIDENCE AND LEASE VARIATION - alterations and additions to existing dwelling including replacement of window to a sliding door and new carport, removal of deck roof, construction of a new single storey secondary residence, new carport, landscaping, and associated works. Lease variation to permit secondary residence.
Comment closure date: 2024-06-18

Address: 65 Wilshire Street, Dickson, ACT

Development Application: 202342620

Desecription: PLANNING ACT 2023 - STAGE 2 NOTIFICATION OF DA202342620 - S179 (PROPOSAL FOR DEMOLITION AND LEASE VARIATION). Second stage of public notification for significant development for (demolition of the existing dwelling, carport, garage, shed and lease variation for subdivision of the block into two blocks.) which is still under consideration by the Authority has had futher information submitted relating to the tree management plan.
Comment closure date: 2024-05-10

Address: 22 Dumaresq Street, Dickson, ACT

Development Application: 202442872

Desecription: PLANNING ACT 2023 - PROPOSAL FOR DWELLING ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS - Partial demolition of existing dwelling, alterations and additions including extension of existing dwelling and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2024-05-08

Address: Unit 36 - 201/23 Challis Street, Dickson, ACT

Development Application: 202442790

Desecription: PLANNING ACT 2023 - PROPOSAL FOR ALTERATIONS ADDITIONS TO EXISTING BUILDING - Internal fitout works to enable a change of building class for Level 2 of the building (Unit 36) to Class 9b to facilitate occupation by an indoor recreation facility.
Comment closure date: 2024-04-29

(Note: Earlier Development Applications can be seen by accessing the ACTPLA website or by going to PlanningAlerts.  Note ACTPLA do remove access to the development application documentation some time after the DA closes, but PlanningAlerts do retain some basic historical information.)