Dickson Residents Group

About Us

Your 2023-24 Committee

  • Membership Secretary – Claire Cruickshank
  • Treasurer – David Garratt
  • Public Officer – Peter Callan
  • Outreach/Web Manager – Jane Goffman
  • Ordinary committee members – Melissa Holland, Dilip Mathew, Peter Callan

Join us

Membership is open to all Dickson residents aged 18 years and over, and to other persons subject to the approval of the committee. Click here to join the DRG today!

Our Constitution

The Constitution of the Dickson Residents Group (‘the Association’) adopts the Model Rules for Associations prepared by the ACT Government. Click here to see our Constitution

Our aims and objectives

We’re a group of volunteers. Priorities include:

  • Safeguarding healthy communities and active travel infrastructure via quiet low speed streets and off-road corridors
  • Promoting wellbeing and inclusiveness
  • Representing the community effectively in ACT planning reviews and decisions
  • Supporting and revitalising the shopping centre and adjoining restaurant precinct
  • Promoting the interests of vulnerable residents and visitors
  • Helping Dickson adapt to climate change and increased climate variability

Click here for more details about specific, local activities that we’ve identified as achievable