Dickson Residents Group

Join the Dickson Residents Group

DRG membership is open to all Dickson residents aged 18 years and over, and to other persons subject to the approval of the Committee. From 24 February 2023, membership is free to residents.


    Association aim: to represent, serve and advance the interests of Dickson residents, particularly those vulnerable or less able to represent themselves

    Broader mission: to safeguard and enhance the environment, heritage and community values of Dickson for the future wellbeing of its residents and visitors


    • open to all Dickson residents and interested others, aged 18 years and over

    • is on an INDIVIDUAL basis (not household/joint)

    • under ACT law, all applicants must be nominated and seconded, as per the Association constitution

    • applicants will be regarded as automatically nominated by the current Secretary and seconded by the Membership Secretary

    • we will protect the personal information you provide to us, ensure it remains secure and is only used for the purposes for which we collect it

    • click here for the full DRG Privacy Policy

    Hereby apply to become a member of the Dickson Residents Group. I agree to be bound by the association rules (our constitution) as published on our website at https://dickson.org.au. You will receive an email acknowledgment.
    (Signature of applicant – not required when lodging on-line)

    A form for mailing to Dickson Residents Group is available here